YouTube To MP3 Converter: YouTube is known as one of the best websites for listening to music. This might at first seem odd as YouTube is primarily a video-sharing website. Nevertheless, it outdoes a lot of dedicated music websites in its scope and the quality of its music content. Most of the time, especially when we are listening to a song on YouTube, at that moment we may find ourselves wanting to download it as an MP3 so that we can listen to it offline and on other devices.

YouTube itself does not have an option to do this within their website, but luckily for us, there is a host of different reliable YouTube to MP3 converters available online.

In 2019, we are familiar with many YouTube to MP3 converters. With the advancement of technology, things are becoming easier with simplified procedures. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of free YouTube to MP3 converters out there that you can pick from, but not all are created equal. People are aware of converters but still, some things or information confuse them. To avoid confusion one must have proper knowledge of converters so it becomes easy to differentiate which is more reliable and easy to use.

Why use YouTube when we are blessed with MP3. Change your priorities and jump to MP3 online and transmogrify your favorite YouTube videos without paying a cent or downloading any software.

As we are part of the world which involves technology in every aspect. For becoming part of it and not becoming an awkward person we should change our priorities not only change but up-to-date them according to the developing world and its need.

Most people use YouTube, especially those who are unaware of advanced and up-to-date MP3 converters. Although using YouTube does not make you outdated but sometimes you need some important videos at a crucial time but due to some of its features, you cannot play those videos at that time you are in short hopeless and don’t have any other option. But if we have even a little knowledge of how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 converter. We will be no more helpless and don’t need any kind of help from anyone.

And most importantly you don’t need to pay any cash for YouTube premium. As it puts an end to all ads on YouTube. Instead, to some extent wasting your money, use your money wisely for other purposes rather than using it for especially YouTube Premium. When you have YouTube to MP3 Online converters are available.

YouTube has a supplementary melody than nearly every website but you can’t stick to its exterior of the YouTube app. As all melodies are futile without it. It’s just a foolish act to snoop to an application whose content is available only when it is open rather than ignoring the one which is available 24/7.

Inimically, a lot of the free charge YouTube to MP3 converters that come up on top of Google search are crowded with spammed pop-ups. Some of the software’s call for you to download converting Software which is chimerical. In comeback to this converter scourge, we have assembled a directory of 5 YouTube to MP3 converters that are liberated, facile and most importantly online. As in this modern era of technology, everyone has access to the Internet so it means a lot if you have an application available online and you don’t have to put extra effort to download outer software. Most of the time external software demands product key which is costly, and sometimes while downloading software we are gifted with viruses, like buy one get one free. To be a part of this modern world we must know which converter is efficient and should be used.

Best YouTube To MP3 Converter Online

So, here is a list of your preferred and experienced converters for all YouTube and MP3 requirements.


YTMP3 is one of the simplest web tools for YouTube conversion. It is as easy as ABC, structured, Include minimalistic interface which mainly focuses on the task done, does not have a lot of ads and most importantly professional. It does not have any extraneous features,  Where other programs may try to wow you with the number of options and the amount of customization they have, and that is why it is so good at what it actually is. The best part is that this service is apt for computers, a tablet, and your mobile phone!

Furthermore, this is a highly recommended website to convert YouTube videos to MP3, especially for the ones who are beginners or not-so techie. Easily used by a normal person. That’s why we consider it to be the best YouTube to MP3 converter online.

First of all, insert your link into the blue search box, then click Convert, moving ahead click on download. In case if new tabs open in front of you ignore them and that’s all about it. After a moderately short time, you will have your MP3 file. The conversion process merely takes a few minutes.

2. GenYoutube

First of all, it gives you three different methods, giving you the whole charge by allowing to choose, which method you find convenient. You have no restrictions you can choose and use your preferred method of converting YouTube videos to MP3.

Secondly, in this converter, you are properly guided, how to use it. Instructions are given to you which are on the home page. Read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions, as following the instructions will make your work easy. Instructions clearly give you a general description of the converting methods. In other words, you can say rough ideas of them.

Thirdly, if you are a person who downloads a lot of videos from YouTube over time, then no need to take tension. This converter will save your time which you use in opening up a site or an app that is used to convert videos. It provides you an extension available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can also choose between the SD and HD video quality, if necessary. IT has few tricks that it automatically opens up downloader by putting ‘gen’ in front of your YouTube URL.

Firstly if you are willing to convert your YouTube videos right on the position then just post the YOUTUBE URL into the black box at the apex of the page and hit on the layout you want to convert it to. In this case, it will initiate downloading immediately and that’s all about it.

You can also employ GenYouTube straight from YouTube itself. Just go to YouTube, click on the record you desire to convert and add “gen” previous to YouTube .com in the video’s URL (making the first part of the URL ( you will notice that the URL adjust considerably and the video will show within the GenYouTube location.

Finally, GenYouTube provides you with the choice to download extensions. For instance, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Download any of it which seems feasible to you. Always prefer the stuff which is easy and convenient for you. That’s all about it.

3. Y2mate:

Y2mate is another super simple web conversion tool for YouTube video conversion. It is stripped of nonessentials and easy to use and updated. It doesn’t convert assured mega-viral, confirmed videos straightforwardly from its site. However, videos Y2mate works with, get converted exceptionally fast. It’s plus point is quick conversion and can customize it for your device, whether you own a PC or a Tablet. In all web browsers, it can be used. And most advanced and important feature of it is that you can upload the final product to Google Drive or Dropbox and access it from your all devices. It does not work that well with android but also does not face any difficulty with other devices. It is online and hassle-free. There is no requirement of registration or downloading any software. Y2mate is an amazing little tool that can be used to download and convert videos into music.

Insert your YouTube link or a few keywords in the red search box which will then allow you to select the video and download it. It will convert the video immediately. Click download and enjoy your melody of MP3. That’s all about it.


FLVTO is another web conversion tool for YouTube audio/video conversion. It contributes to Y2mate’s restrictions on demonstrated videos. Most importantly it offers high-quality conversion. It’s too simple to use. Besides the site drawing is amusing. It’s a versatile and very simple tool that you would want to use to get your YouTube clips to any other format you would like. It supports MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, AVI, and AVI HD formats. Choose whatever format you want to choose.

Insert your preferred YouTube link into the orange search box, check the ‘accept our Terms of Use’ box read all the terms thoroughly sometimes we ignore little information or instructions and by doing this we invite bigger problems. Moving ahead then click on the red arrow and select any layout you would approximating to convert your video to. Select the layout carefully, as your selection will be with you lately so, calmly choose it. Finally, click ‘convert to’ click X on the ad that pops by ignoring all this mess you will be at your destination within a short time then after all these steps you are ready to record your file now. That’s all about it.

5: is another popular web conversion tool for YouTube audio/video conversion. The site is unpremeditated to apply and it converts records swiftly. It is simple and has an elegantly pleasing design, which ensures that no mistake will be made in using it. It has the feature to download videos both as videos and audios. However, has presently one weakness or you can say demerit. As we know where there is a bright side obviously it must have a dark side. So, its dark side is that it irregularly release two bothersome but risk-free spam tabs. Although these tabs most of the time irritates us we cannot ignore its bright side that is its speed. It does not require special software for its execution. In addition to that, you can edit the file name, cut or change the video quality before downloading the video, it’s one of the interesting features which makes it’s different from others. It does not require you to download any separate software in order to use it. A perfect option for the casual users who only demands YouTube MP3 converter without any extra fluff. In a nutshell, it is a very important tool in web conversion.

Insert your YouTube URL into the blue search box and then click ‘convert’. Moving ahead. Ignore any kind of pop up tab. ignoring all these messes (pop-up tabs) you will be at your destination within a short time. You will observe that your record converted to MP3 melody directly in a very short time. Finally, click ‘click here’ to initiate downloading. As the downloading initiates wait until it ends. Your mp3 will conclude downloading in hardly any seconds. Save your even Nanosecond and you can save only when you will use this converter. That’s all about it.

So, use these updated and experienced MP3 converters and become part of this modern, social world that is progressing and progressing day by day, this can only happen when you have proper and up-to-date knowledge of technology. The most important thing to decide which characters are important to you and choose the best YouTube to MP3 converter that is good for you. Use these converters and made your life reliable.